1999年仙童推出IGBT Fairchild's IGBTs are power transistors using a combination of both bipolar and MOSFET technology resulting in a device with low on-state losses that is easy to drive. IGBTs are specifically suited t ......
关键字: 仙童 IGBT
发布时间:2014-03-09 00:53:20
1999飞兆推出PWM IC及SenseFET
1999飞兆推出PWM IC及SenseFET Fairchild's Power Switch Technology(SPS) combines a pulse width modulation (PWM) IC and a SenseFET in one package for off-line power switching. The Power Switch solutions provide protection functions ......
关键字: 飞兆 PWM IC SenseFET
发布时间:2014-03-09 00:51:12
1999 Fairchild's open cell planar MOSFET
1999 Fairchild's open cell planar MOSFET Fairchild's open cell planar MOSFETs technology supports best-in-industry performance when used in power system design.The QFET technology features improved on-resistance,minimized gate charge and ve ......
关键字: Fairchild
发布时间:2014-03-09 00:49:13
1999 Fairchild enters the LVT market
1999 Fairchild enters the LVT market Fairchild enters the LVT market to meet customer demand for a stalbe supply of bushold and non-bushold LVT products,dramatically expanding Fairchild's access to the total available market for off-boa ......
关键字: Fairchild
发布时间:2014-03-09 00:47:13
1998The first-of-its-kind Arithmetic Controller Engine(ACEx)
1998The first-of-its-kind Arithmetic Controller Engine(ACEx) The first-of-its-kind Arithmetic Controller Engine(ACEx)is a flexible 8-bit microcontroller optimized for low power and high performance.First to be packaged in an S-Lead TSSOP,the ACEx is ideal for l ......
关键字: controller
发布时间:2014-03-09 00:45:31
1998 Designed to achive the best figure of merit for both gate charge and Rds(On) of any power MOSFET technology,the proprietary PowerTrench process was introduced by Fairchild to enable significant improv ......
发布时间:2014-03-09 00:43:39
1998 The Fairchild Switch Family(FST),which offers the broadest portfolio of 1 to 24-bit devices in the industry,features CMOS products with TTL-compatible inputs and a variety of bit widths and configurat ......
发布时间:2014-03-09 00:42:10
1998 Fairchild's Analog product line pioneers the use of swithces for DC/DC conversion in PCs with its RC5051 ...
发布时间:2014-03-09 00:40:53
1997 Fairchild's CROSSVOLT VCX low voltage logic is the industry's first low voltage family optimized for 2.5V performance.VCX offers extremely high speed and is specified at 3.3V,2.5V,and 1.5V.Manufactu ......
发布时间:2014-03-09 00:38:40
1997 10 million cells per square inch represents the pinnacle of Fairchild's closed cell PLANAR 30V power MOSFET product portfolio.This power MOSFET technology marked the turning point in the technology a ......
发布时间:2014-03-09 00:30:20
1997 GTLP Backplane Transceivers are designed specifically for medium to high performance backplane applications.An open drain output structure and edge rate control allow backplane designers to optimize d ......
发布时间:2014-03-09 00:26:46
1996 The 2K CMOS non volatile electrically erasable memory,SPD,is designed to support serial presence detect circuitry in memory modules. Contents of the EEPROM provides information used to determine optim ......
发布时间:2014-03-09 00:24:42
1996 TinyLogic provides single-gate functions in some of the smallest packages available today.The Tiny High Speed series offers performance similar to HC/VHC and is available with both CMOS(HS) and TTL(HS ......
发布时间:2014-03-09 00:21:20
1994 The Plug and Play controller provides a complete single chip solution for implementing Plug and Play capabilities on ISA-Bus Adapter cards. ...
发布时间:2014-03-09 00:18:31
1994 HiSeC, a high security rolling code generator for remote keyless entry system,combines high security encoding with non-reversible rolling code,easy programmability,low cost,and a very small package. ...
发布时间:2014-03-08 11:02:05
1994 Fairchild's CROSSVOLT LCX low voltage logic series is the leading performer in 3.3 optimized logic. It is the first to incorporate overvoltage tolerance to facilitate industry conversion to 3.3V oper ......
发布时间:2014-03-08 10:59:59
1993 First HC-replacement,low noise,high-speed CMOS logic device. ...
发布时间:2014-03-08 10:59:15
1992 One of the first SCAN(Serially Controlled Access Network)family of devices to provide in-system and remote diagnostic test eapabilities. ...
发布时间:2014-03-08 10:58:02
1991 300 Series ECL is the easiest-to-use ECL logic family available.The fast gate speeds,full voltage and temperature compensation,and the ability to drive low impedance transmission lines make 300 Series ......
发布时间:2014-03-08 10:54:57
1990 The Memory Division introduces an EPROM built on AMGTM(Alteranate Metal Ground)architecture.This architecture requires only one contact for every 64 rows compared to one contact for every two rows on ......
发布时间:2014-03-08 10:52:18



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